A Slide Bed?

by Kyla on December 20, 2013 · 5 comments

I am forever bemoaning the lack of storage space in our home, it seems that every spare inch is stuffed full of some sort of no longer in use baby/child paraphernalia. Dexter’s wardrobe contains a change table, high chair and boxes instead of his clothes and I won’t even get started on the drawer of broken dreams at the bottom of my own dresser.

It scares me to think that the endless supply of stored items is actually the result of ruthless culling – most of the baby clothes are long gone. It’s just… I’ve hung on to so much in the hopes that things will change for us but with Dexter turning four next month and Project Sibling v2.3 ending in yet another failure I figured it was high time to clear out the cupboards and reclaim some space before his birthday and the big boy room re-design.

So I gave it all away.


The high chair that we barely used and have been saving ever since, the play mats and toys, change table, pram, sleeping bags, the lot.

It’s been strangely freeing.

I always thought that getting rid of these items was defeatist, like giving up hope that we could ever grow our family. It’s not really, it’s probably a very healthy move that has been the better part of four years in the making. And, let’s face it – if we do get lucky my capitalistic little heart will want to buy new stuff anyway.

The big boy room plans? Well they’re not going as smooth, Dex caught me browsing big boy beds and is now set on getting this one.

Slide Bed

Part of me is screaming NO – bed times are crazy enough without the added pressure of trying to get him to stop sliding! He wants it so much though and I have to admit that I would have gone absolutely mental if my parents had got me something like this when I was a kid.

Would you let your kid have a slide bed? Am I insane for even considering giving in?

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