by Kyla on February 18, 2014 · 17 comments

Dexter is a little obsessed with the idea of True Love and a True Love’s Kiss. I blame Disney – specifically the general theme of true love triumphing over anything that is the lifeblood of the Disney hit machine and is usually actioned by the magical kiss of ultimate power (aka true love). Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Fiona, Giselle and more, all adding their own voice to the fairy-tale dream of true love that lives inside our heads.

Life isn’t a fairy tale, relationships can be damn hard work, a balancing act where compromise (or manipulation) is an art form. Trust is essential, communication and common goals can help but love (or the biochemical reaction that we call love) is that little bit of magic that makes it all work.

This week we celebrate 10 years together and our 8th wedding anniversary (today!). Ten years of sleeping with the same person, dealing with the same annoying habits, and let’s face it, having the same conversations has only deepened the bond. I love that man as much as I did in the first flush of happily ever after (even if I do want to strangle him at times).

The secret is sex, lots and lots of sex. Once the initial lust and rush of attraction starts to wane, sex really is what binds – lots of happy bonding chemicals are released after sex and the more you have sex, the more in love you are… or so the theory goes, anyway. That happy little chemical soup of oxytocin, vasopressin and endorphins is what cements the bond created through lust and attraction.

That wouldn’t made a very good Disney movie though, if the key to making ‘happily ever’ after a reality is hard work, trust, communication and lots of sex it’s probably a good thing that the mythical, all powerful True Love’s Kiss is the end of the story, otherwise we all know what kind of movies they’d end up being. ;)

I totally tried to get a photo of us kissing at our wedding for this post but honestly pictures of kissing people are kind of gross – nobody looks good mid-kiss unless it’s directed by Hollywood.

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