Checking in

by Kyla on July 3, 2015 · 5 comments

I’m sorry, I disappeared for a while there. Not intentionally, but this pregnancy has not been easy on me or my poor family.

I guess that’s the first thing you’re wondering – yes, I’m still pregnant. Still pregnant with twins, too. 19 weeks tomorrow and very much looking forward to the morphology scan next week when we (hopefully) find out if we’re expecting one of each or a matched pair.

I’m still sick, still on the maximum dose of Zofran to get through the day. I’m managing to stay out of hospital but it’s been touch and go. The babies are fine, growing normally at last visit and thriving despite how much I am struggling. My weight has stabilised at a 14kg loss, this means that I am now losing weight at the same rate as the babies are growing which is apparently a good thing, comparatively.

There’s not much they can do at this point, try to address deficiencies (regular iron injections & supplements), keep an eye on my dehydration and regularly check that the babies are growing fine, keep me medicated and at home rather than in hospital if possible and review regularly. My OB has pretty much said that I’m just unlucky and not only in that 1-3% of women who have hyperemesis, in the even smaller percentage that have it the whole way through. Yay *sigh*.


On top of the constant sickness and general exhaustion I’ve had a fair bit of pain when walking or standing, bad enough that a walk around the shops would lead to an afternoon in bed. I thought it was just sciatica but my OB made it very clear that the way I was carrying these babies would ruin my back and sent me off to a Physio who diagnosed Sacroiliac Joint Pain and ordered me to wear a sexy brace for the rest of this pregnancy.

Apart from the physical irritations I’m doing ok, still haven’t really wrapped my head around the end result. I mean, I know there are two babies in there, I’ve seen them, felt them and now regularly laugh as they practice their little ninja routines but I haven’t started to think about the nursery or the impact having one child, let alone two will have on our lives. For so long I’ve been focused on just getting pregnant, it seems so very weird to be thinking about the reality of actual babies.

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