IVF or Tokyo (Disney)

by Kyla on February 25, 2014 · 18 comments

It seems so utterly ridiculous that I am at a point in my life where this is a serious question and topic of discussion in our home. Actually, discussion is a strong word… more like me ranting through my feelings and TheGamer nodding in all the right places, bless him.

Once again we have come to the end of the IVF road. I can’t imagine doing another cycle – don’t have the energy, can’t justify spending the money, not really sure that there’s space in our lives for another child anymore… The cost outweights the benefit and TheGamer feels the same. I think I’m done.

Really done.

Getting a referral to talk about getting my tubes tied kind of done.

I still feel broken, I don’t think that’s ever going away and I’m still sad. January is a bittersweet month for us with the EDD of our lost twins falling just two weeks after the birthday of our son and this January had the added pressure of yet another cycle. Add in the general feeling of having had enough followed by the February confirmation of yet another failure and it brings us to a stop, a pause (for now). We’re going to ignore the fridge full of drugs and spend our IVF money on a holiday that’s just for us, and, if we still feel done at the end of the year I’ll get myself fixed after we return from the Happiest Place on Earth (ok so that’s not the tagline of the Tokyo parks but you get my drift).

I’m beyond excited to be taking Dex to Disneyland & DisneySea. Living on the Gold Coast we are well acquainted with theme parks – we have yearly passes and go regularly but Disney is a whole different ball game and it is going to blow his mind. The Tokyo parks are (arguably) the best of the Disney parks with many Disney devotees preferring them to even the ones in the US and while the few characters he gets to meet here are exciting I am sure it will all pale in comparison to seeing his absolute favourites (like Buzz!).

We’re not going until late October but I’m already researching like mad, and, I have to admit I’m already using it as a bribery tool. Nothing makes my kid more excited to try new food than being told that the food in Tokyo is different to here and he needs to try new things so he can go to Cinderella’s Castle and enjoy the food there.

This is our first big trip overseas with Dex, our first trip out of Australia since we moved back from the UK when I was pregnant and I’m stupidly excited about it all. I love to travel and I’ve missed it so much. If you’ve been to Tokyo with kids or to any of the Disney parks I’d love some tips for survival and/or ideas of places to visit.


Photo © castles, capes & clones (creative commons, some rights reserved)

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