HG and rising

by Kyla on April 1, 2015 · 0 comments

Last Friday I was officially diagnosed with hyperemesis (again) and put on Zofran. Apparently this was a super good sign as to the strength of bubba(s) and the nurses were pleased that I was so ill this early.

I’d love to hear a nurse to tell a non-IVFer that they were pleased they couldn’t keep anything down to the point of needing medication not even 5 weeks into a pregnancy. The world we live in as long term IVFers is a freakin’ insane one.

Monday (18dp5dt or 5w2d) we had a repeat beta which came back well over 10k (!!!!) but my P4 had tanked to 16 which led to insane upping of the progesterone – 4 x 400mg pessaries a day, two as normal and two in the back. I told my IVF nurse that I had acrylic nails which weren’t going anywhere near the exit only area of my body and she told me to get them removed because trying to stick 4 a day in my lady bits would lead to a burning worse than a rampant UTI. So… I no longer have pretty nails and I invested in some disposable latex gloves. *sigh* – The things we do to get and stay pregnant.

The clinic was not at all worried about a repeat P4 test but I insisted, I’m a numbers girl and need to know things are going in the right direction so I’m off for bloods again in the morning. I hope they run bHCG as well, I’d love to see how the numbers have doubled in that time.

Scan next Tuesday at 6w3d to see what we have in there and hopefully to see heartbeats.

As for the Hyperemesis? I’m screwed, with our LittleBear I was ill this early but I was keeping some food down and in the UK I was basically told to get to the hospital for IV fluids weekly and didn’t get medicated until I was hospitalised around 8 weeks, and even then it was just Zofran with my IV when I went in for fluids each week. I wasn’t on Zofran wafers until I was hospitalised again at 14 weeks once we came home to Australia. Even on Zofran I had to go in for IV fluids a few times and kept being sick right up until the operating table – puking into a bowl held by the anaesthetist as my ob pulled my son out of the c-section.

This time it’s already worse, I don’t even feel like it’s a real pregnancy yet – there is so freakin’ much that can go wrong between now and my due date (28th Nov for those playing at home). Each milestone will get us a little closer to feeling that we’re going to get (and stay) lucky again but for now I’m puking my guts up, I look like death and I’m sure the girls at work think I’m going through chemo instead of early pregnancy.

Blooming and glowing, my arse!

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